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The Secrets Of The Pineal Gland –

The Secrets Of The Pineal Gland -

What’s the Pineal Gland?

Close to the middle of the mind we discover a tiny pine cone-formed gland which can be one of the crucial wondrous elements of our bodily physique. We all know that the pineal gland produces serotonin and melatonin, neuro transmitters which regulate waking and sleeping cycles, in addition to enjoying an important position in temper.

However it might even be true that the pineal produces DMT or dimethyltryptamine, a neurotransmitter which creates a pure psychedelic state of consciousness. In that case, then this little gland performs not solely an important position in our psychological properly-being however it might maintain the important thing for unlocking the true potential of humanity.

David Wilcock:
On this gland there’s floating water, a reservoir of water with crystals that really have piezoelectric properties. There’s additionally one other factor referred to as piezoluminescence. When you have a bit lighter and also you hit the lighter and then you definitely get that little spark that comes out, that’s from a crystal being compressed and because the crystal is compressed it releases photons.

In your mind you’ve these little floating crystals that really have that high quality, and even higher than that’s there’s one other attribute referred to as piezochormism.

Piezochroatic crystals are crystals that may launch any colour of sunshine within the rainbow. Dimethyltryptamine is the primary chemical that appears to do that. When DMT is chipped out of a tray that it was synthesized in and also you hit it with a screwdriver, bam, you get these huge bursts of coloured mild, huge burst of pink, massive burst of inexperienced massive, burst of yellow, massive burst of blue the place you might have these little crystals floating in your mind.

Ben Lee:
DMT is that this dimethyltryptamine. The principle is that it’s what’s launched by the pineal gland that provides us these elevated states of perception.

Graham Hancock:
Perhaps DMT is the lens of our pineal gland permitting us to see wider areas of actuality than are usually accessible to our senses.

Hira Hosèn:
You keep in mind that picture of like a Buddha with the halo? There’s all the time a halo across the Buddha’s head or Jesus. Individuals see it as a cross behind them in that halo, nevertheless it’s the beams of sunshine. It’s precisely what you possibly can study or keep in mind to activate.

Historic Traditions

pineal gland

Many historic esoteric traditions and mystical faculties knew of the potential of the pineal. The historic Greeks believed it to be our connection to the realms of thought. Buddhists know it’s a image of religious awakening. In Hinduism the pineal connects with the third eye chakra, the seat of instinct and clairvoyance.

Jesus proclaimed that, “The eye is the lamp of the body.” So then in case your eye is obvious, your entire physique will probably be full of sunshine. If René Descartes is true and the pineal gland is certainly the seat of the human soul, then these traditions are right in believing that it serves because the connecting hyperlink between the bodily and religious worlds.

Lauren Cielo:
How did they know concerning the third eye? As a result of every chakra join into an organ. So what fascinates me is the sixth chakra, it plugs into the pineal gland. The pineal gland has photoreceptors on it, and but they knew that hundreds of years in the past earlier than they ever knew that there have been photoreceptors on the pineal. In order that to me, it exhibits you that we all know much more up to now than we even do now with our know-how.

David Wilcock:
The pineal gland is lined on the within with tissue referred to as pinealocytes. These pinealocytes are just like the rods and cones within the retina of your eye. That’s proper, it’s the third eye. Your mind has a 3rd eye within the middle and it has retinal tissue. It additionally has the identical wiring as your bodily eyes do to the visible cortex in your mind. How did they know that each one the best way again then?

That might suggest very superior know-how that may’ve been required for them to realize such unimaginable details about the mind, and but they did.

And so, take into consideration what meaning. In case you have little crystals that may vibrate and launch all the colours of the rainbow and other people declare once they exit of physique, or have a close to-dying expertise that they see a silver twine. There’s a twine linking their astral physique to their bodily physique.

Connection to a better dimension?

Cameron Gray Art

Paintings by Cameron Grey 

Certainly, it seems that the pineal gland is our connection to larger dimensions giving us entry to the psychic and religious realms. If that is true then humanity is upon the precipice of a larger awakening as an entire, however this awakening doesn’t come with out its challenges and oppositions.

Mike Adams:
It’s nicely-recognized that fluoride interferes with functioning of your endocrine system, the glands. These glands are the gateways to religious connection, to energetic layers. I feel what’s actually happening right here is that fluoride shuts the door to religious connection.

Scott Steven:
So for those who type of maintain the mind locked down, whether or not it’s fluoride within the water, shutdown the pineal, aluminum to disrupt the nervous system, these synthetic sweeteners, then we’re simply in a pen.

Ben Lee:
We clearly aren’t as conscious as we might be about potential, and usually are not dwelling a life that in all probability is as therapeutic or as beneficiant, or as nurturing as we’re able to doing.

Mike Adams:
For this reason you get so many individuals in the present day who’re one way or the other satisfied, and mainstream science is educating this, that you’re nothing however a organic pores and skin bag, and that you simply wouldn’t have any existence past the bodily. You haven’t any consciousness. You haven’t any spirit and no free will. Whenever you die you’re lifeless and gone and that’s everlasting. That’s a really harmful philosophy.

Scott Steven:
We’re coping with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ADHD, all of those neurological illnesses. And so, I feel there’s a concerted effort to dumb down the inhabitants, in order that once they determine this stuff out they’re paralyzed and don’t know what to do, don’t know learn how to reply, or just can’t grasp the idea that it’s occurring, which is the larger image.

David Wilcock:
Within the Ebook of Revelation people who have the mark of the beast on the brow, that’s the closed down pineal gland, the closed down third eye that forestalls them from accessing the cosmic nature of who they’re, and that shall be reworked. That’s an important a part of what’s happening right here, religious demise is reworked into enlightenment and it’ll occur in a second, within the short while.

Humanity continues to be awakening

Regardless of publicity to toxins in our surroundings and numerous chemical compounds in our closely processed diets, humanity continues to be awakening. Every single day the sunshine of a brand new eon shines upon us, bringing with it sudden supply of enlightenment.

Jay Weidner:
What individuals don’t understand is that your consciousness is ruled by mild, and the pineal gland is the middle of consciousness.

Joe Dispenza:
The mind chemistry works in accordance with this, so whenever you get up within the morning and the receptors behind your eye decide up mild, the second that occurs your optic nerve sends a sign to the pineal gland, and the pineal gland begins making serotonin, and serotonin is the daytime neurotransmitter.

Jay Weidner:
That is all mind chemistry, mild hits your eyes, hits the pineal gland, modifications chemical compounds inside your mind. Serotonin abruptly erupts in your mind, you get glad, that’s all a part of consciousness and it’s all guided by the solar.

James Tyberonn:
The power of the Earth is greater than it was in 2012, and it’ll proceed to extend. All the photo voltaic storms which are bombarding our Earth has been confirmed to create psychoactive expertise.

Jay Weidner:
And so, the colour of sunshine modifications your consciousness and if the solar is altering, it’s potential that our consciousness is altering.

David Wilcock:
It’s all I consider a part of this larger awakening that we’re going by way of right now. This pineal gland activation, you possibly can name it that. You can name it the approaching golden age. You possibly can name it the energetic shift that we’re going by means of presently.

Jay Weidner:
It could possibly be that the altering nature of the solar during the last 20 years is what’s inflicting the good awakening that’s occurring.

James Tyberonn:
I take the identical knowledge that the schools have garnered and draw totally different conclusions, their conclusion could also be that an anionic ratio change creates hallucinations, subsequently the hallucinations usually are not actual. I take these research and say that the anionic ratio change open doorways inside the pineal and permits us to have multidimensional experiences.

Understanding that the pineal gland performs a key position to our religious evolution we should undertake the noble effort to ensure our third eye stays open in order that we keep related with the upper realms of being.

James Tyberonn:
There’s a false impression I feel for many individuals that the human auric area is mechanically managed. It isn’t, it requires upkeep. There are keys and duties to sustaining our auric area.

Hira Hosèn:
That’s why individuals which are older are like they lose a bit the joie de vivre. They lose a bit the enjoyment of life. So what you’ll be able to study very just by realizing that each one that’s in your physique, and you could reconnect to it, is that you’ll begin to create alpha waves, that’s step one.

Then in the event you’ve discovered the right way to create these alpha waves then you’ll be able to realign all the remainder of your head, you recognize, your pineal gland, the pineal chakra, your pituitary chakra. You’ll be able to realign every part after which truly you possibly can open up your third eye. You’ll be able to reactivate these beams of sunshine. You may be rather more psychic, so telepathic. You’ll obtain extra. You’ll be far more delicate.

So at first you get this blast. You’re like, “Whoa,” the world is opening up. However after some time you’ll simply get used to it. It is going to be regular. So in day-to-day life sure, it’s helpful, on the similar time it is going to turn into regular.

For the primary time in historical past humanity as an entire is being introduced with the chance to unlock the dormant potential that’s swirling inside every of us. By avoiding toxins, getting daylight and enterprise numerous types of meditation, one might enhance the general efficiency of this tiny, little gland, and bear witness to the various secrets and techniques of the universe. (singing).

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