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Tales from the Gas Station (Part Seven)

Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One

Studying Time: 14 minutes



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Recovering from an damage sucks.

Recovering from an damage when you possibly can’t go to sleep sucks worse.

Recovering from an damage when you’ll be able to’t go to sleep whereas concurrently being hunted by a sociopathic lackie of a darkish god with a private vendetta towards you sucks even worse.

However what sucks even extra worse is having to do all of the above and nonetheless being referred to as in to work as a result of, as the house owners put it, the new man is “a complete and total moron with willful and malicious idiocy that borders on the criminal.”

And so I’m right here, towards the docs’ recommendation, at the shitty fuel station at the fringe of city, solely somewhat worse for the put on. What’s actually unimaginable is that I’ve solely been again for at some point and there’s already a physique rely. (Extra on that later.)

My proper leg is in a forged from ankle to thigh, and I’ve elected to make use of crutches as a result of, unsurprisingly, the fuel station just isn’t wheelchair accessible. The forged has a number of signatures and messages, which could be very unusual, as a result of I’ve no reminiscence of anybody signing it. However that would simply be a results of the ache meds.

Wanting down now, I can see that Carlos scrawled this message, “Try and stay out of trouble. -C”

There’s additionally a message in purple crayon: “Jerry was here.”

A couple of signatures scribbled in sharpie, and slightly additional up my leg -I’ve to tug my pants approach as much as learn it- this word: “RtRAtC!” Hm. Properly that’s annoyingly cryptic. I might verify the tape logs to see who I let get so near my delicate space, however the house owners had each digital camera in the place eliminated. I assume there was one thing about discovering that secret room filled with safety digital camera feeds to deliver private privateness into the public dialogue.

I really feel like the act of eradicating all the safety cameras was a little bit of an overreaction. Particularly with Spencer nonetheless on the market. The police took a press release and confiscated the stays of the bomb. They’re taking this entire factor very critically, and an arrest warrant is out for Spencer Middleton, ought to he ever present up once more. As for Kieffer, issues get slightly extra fascinating. The police have been unable to seek out any proof that he ever even existed. He had no property in his identify, no driver’s license, no public document of any sort. The one factor even linking him to this city was a grainy image in an previous yearbook photograph. It might appear that Kieffer was dwelling off the grid ever since he graduated highschool, and now that Spencer’s try and blow up the fuel station failed, Kieffer has suspended his election marketing campaign and easily disappeared.

The sheriff has been sending a brand new deputy, Arnold, out to verify on me a few times a day. Arnold isn’t from round right here, which might be why he agreed to exchange Tom as the new fuel station babysitter. He’s about 6’2”, dark-skinned, with a mustache thick sufficient to plant a yard flamingo in. He has eyes that continuously telegraph the sentiment “knock that nonsense off!” and I’ve but to see him smile. I don’t know if Arnold will grow to be the subsequent Tom or the subsequent Spencer… proper now he might go both means.

Arnold was the one which dropped me off at work immediately. I’m not purported to get again behind a steering wheel for some time, which is ok, I assume. It’s not like I’m happening any street journeys any time quickly.

On the solution to work, we handed the SUV of the man with the beard. The one staked in place on the aspect of the street by the tree rising up via its engine. I requested Arnold about it, however he simply shrugged it off and stated I shouldn’t fear myself with different individuals’s enterprise. I requested him about the proprietor of the car, and Arnold stated that they assume he received misplaced in the woods identical to these hikers final fall. A search and rescue effort was underneath approach, and he was assured that they might discover him “one way or the other.”

After Arnold dropped me off at the moment, I went about my common shift-starting duties. I reconciled Marlboro’s until, under no circumstances stunned to see that he was one way or the other $150 over, or that the surplus was totally in one-dollar cash.

I logged all the invoices that had piled up whereas I used to be out, then I emptied the trash cans. I hoped that I’d run into the cowboy, however the solely factor in the males’s room was an overweight Hispanic trucker punishing the rest room and surrounding air with an unholy fury that deserves its personal scary story.

The solar was beginning to go down once I hobbled out to the dumpster, balancing rubbish luggage towards my crutches and doubtless wanting like a child deer studying to stroll. You realize, if that deer have been drunk and two-legged and carrying a number of luggage of rubbish. The scorched earth close to the dumpster was the similar as I had left it: blackened right down to the subsoil. Someplace, simply previous the begin of the timber, was one other patch of smoldered stays, one which I uncared for to say in the police report, one which may look to the informal observer like the stays of a human physique.

Earlier than I turned to return in, I observed one thing odd on the aspect of the dumpster. At first, I assumed it was a toddler’s toy, caught to the soiled outdoors wall. However then I noticed that it was shifting, respiration, crawling slowly and consuming the gooey drippings off the rust of the dumpster. The factor seemed like an enormous tomato caterpillar, about eight inches lengthy, and as the solar went down, I swear I might see the factor give off its personal mild supply. The squishy caterpillar factor didn’t appear to thoughts my presence, and even let me feed it an previous starburst that I had in my pocket. A yellow, as a result of like all individuals, I hate the yellow starburst. The critter bioluminesced a bit of brighter because it ate the taffy, and I gave it a mild pet. Its disguise wasn’t as moist because it appeared. The truth is, it appeared to be coated in tiny clear hairs.

“You’re not so bad,” I stated whereas it nibbled at the sweet. “Not everything out here needs to be scary, huh?” It wiggled and crawled away to a spot on the again of the dumpster with extra gunk, and I went again into the fuel station.

Marlboro has taken up smoking once more. He’d give up for some time, however then defined that the struggling he was inflicting himself by not smoking grossly outweighed the struggling he was inflicting us by way of second-hand smoke, and Mathematically talking, it didn’t make any sense for him to give up. I had hoped that he was starting to shed his cultist philosophy after the complete compound mysteriously vanished, however now I’m beginning to worry that he can’t be rehabilitated.

Oh properly.

In the present day was a reasonably regular (properly not regular, however common) day at the fuel station. We had some unusual individuals go to. We had some regular individuals go to, too. And alongside the means I zoned out, completed a e-book I’d been studying, made some boring journal entries, and even obtained on-line to browse the web for some time.

There’s one other package deal sitting beneath the counter, addressed to me from a return tackle I don’t acknowledge. I took a bet with the final package deal and it turned out to be one thing nice. However that was earlier than Spencer tried to kill me, and as soon as once more my intestine is telling me to not open it.

I acquired a telephone name at present at the retailer a couple of hours after sunset. It was fairly late, onerous to say when precisely. Marlboro was asleep in his hammock in the dry storage room and I couldn’t keep in mind the final buyer. This was someplace in that temporal wasteland between nightfall and daybreak.


“Jack, listen very carefully. You don’t know me. What I’m about to tell you will save your life, but only if you follow my instructions and do exactly what I say. In the drawer to your right is a pencil and paper. Get them, and write this down. These are the rules to your survival.”

“One. Do not depart the fuel station. Don’t go outdoors underneath any circumstances.

Two. Don’t drink the faucet water. Don’t even contact it. Don’t odor it. Don’t take a look at it. It’s bottled water from right here on out.

Three. Don’t belief your eyes.

4. Barricade the-“

“Hang on, hang on, where’d you say the pen was?”

He sighed, “In a drawer to the right.”

“My right or your right?” I requested.

“Your right- how the hell would it by my right? I’m on the phone!”

Proper then I heard a automotive horn honk.

It was the previous widow Mrs. Sistrunk. She’s one other native, someplace in the space of 100 years previous if I needed to guess, and at this level not far more than a skeleton wrapped in an ill-fitting pores and skin go well with with vibrant lipstick smeared throughout the basic mouth space. After her husband died, Mrs. Agatha Sistrunk had taken to purchasing and accumulating sports activities automobiles and outsized vans and racing them round the outskirts of city in any respect hours of the night time. Her most up-to-date buy was a brand-new Ford F-550 with a portray of the Hulk in all of his inexperienced smashing glory alongside the aspect.

In individual, she was a candy previous woman, no taller than 4 and half ft. She wore particular footwear to succeed in the fuel pedal and all the time got here to this fuel station to refill as a result of she knew I’d assist her pump her fuel, one thing she had by no means accomplished earlier than and wasn’t occupied with studying the best way to do.

“One sec,” I stated to the voice on the different finish of the telephone, “Be right back. Mrs. Sistrunk needs me to top her off.”

“Listen to me!” The voice growled, “Do not go outside! You go outside and you’re dead! Do you hear me?!”

“I hear what you’re saying,” I stated as I grabbed my crutches and obtained prepared to go away, “but I don’t work for you.” With that, I hung up the telephone and went outdoors to assist Mrs. Sistrunk.

Previous Agatha was comfortable to see that I used to be again at work. Apparently, Marlboro made her nervous. She stated he was flirting at her and wouldn’t quit smoking whereas he pumped her fuel. Earlier than she left, she gave me a case of empty mild beers and requested if I might “be a lamb and toss these” for her. I can’t say no to Agatha.

Once I acquired round again to toss her trash, I observed one thing unimaginable. The glow worm from this morning had shaped itself into an unlimited cocoon towards the again of the dumpster. I can’t clarify why, precisely, however this crammed me with some type of… I don’t know – what means the actual reverse of existential dread? Euphoria? Existential hope? Is that this what optimism looks like?

Once more, I do know it doesn’t make any sense, however seeing the bizarre garbage-eating caterpillar factor start the courageous journey of transformation gave me this tingling feeling in my soul. Like this was some type of signal. Simply when the caterpillar thought his world had come to an finish, he turned a butterfly. My world has felt prefer it was coming to an finish for some time too, little buddy. Perhaps I’m additionally on the verge of a metamorphosis. Perhaps the world doesn’t need to be unusual and scary, perhaps it may be unusual and funky. I made a decision that no matter hatched from the cocoon, be it butterfly or moth or monster, I used to be going to call it Starburst.

I hobbled myself again to the fuel station and tossed one final look over my shoulder at the dumpster to see that one among the raccoons was stuffing the cocoon into its mouth. It devoured the entire factor in a pair bites earlier than making eye contact with me and dashing off into the woods.

Carlos got here into the retailer for his late shift and requested how I used to be feeling. I advised him that the ache was tolerable. He nodded, like that was the type of reply he was in search of, and I went again to studying my ebook.

A couple of minutes later, the man with the beard got here into the fuel station. I virtually didn’t acknowledge him as the similar man that went off into the woods after the creature he referred to as an “anglerfish.” He had misplaced numerous weight, his beard wasn’t almost as nicely stored, and he smelled like he bathed in a bathtub of pee that somebody farted in.

“Hey!” I stated when he got here in. “You’re still alive! Cool.”

Did I point out that the man was holding a pistol when he walked in? I questioned for the briefest second what occurred to his huge gun. I didn’t have time to ask. He shortly discovered the locks on the doorways, used them, then coated the brief distance to my register, gun prolonged and aimed toward my face.

“I told you not to go outside! You’re lucky you’re even alive!” he screamed earlier than grabbing the retailer telephone and yanking it out of the wall. He threw it to the floor with a loud, satisfying smash and requested, “Who else is in this building?”

“Well, let me see,” I stated, considering. “There’s you, me, and probably the other cashier, unless he went into town again.”

“I saw one other car out there. Toyota. That yours?”

“No, that’s got to be Carlos.”

Proper on cue, Carlos walked out from the again and froze at the sight of the bearded man nonetheless pointing a gun at my face. Carlos may need been tempted to take motion, if he hadn’t been carrying a 50 lb bag of corn over his shoulder. As an alternative, he simply raised his free hand and stated softly, “Hey man, we don’t want no trouble. If you’re after the cash, go ahead and take it. Ain’t no heroes here.”

The bearded man laughed in an obnoxious method and stated, “Well, there’s at least one. My name is Benjamin, and I’m here to save your sorry asses.”

Carlos and I made eye contact. Lots may be conveyed in simply an immediate if you already know the individual you’re taking a look at. He was making an attempt to see what I needed to do. I used to be making an attempt to inform him to chill out. This was neither the worst nor the weirdest factor to occur in that room.

“Okay,” I stated. “What do you need us to do, Benjamin?”

“There’s something evil under this gas station, and nobody is leaving here until I understand what it is. Because I know that someone is working with that thing. I’ve seen it. In my dreams. I know you have too.”

Properly he was improper about one factor.

Proper then, Marlboro walked out of the dry storage closet, stretching and yawning. Benjamin snapped him right into a chokehold earlier than he knew what was happening and jammed the gun towards his head.

“Are you listening to me?!” Benjamin screamed. “I just told you that the world as you know it is just a façade! There’s a devil here! And one of you is working for him!”

He checked out each of us for some type of response, however I don’t assume he received the one he was in search of.

I simply shrugged and stated, “Neat.”

Proper then, Marlboro stunned the pants off of everyone by half yelling half laughing “Let’s do this! I’m not afraid to die!” earlier than reaching up, grabbing the gun pressed towards his head, and pulling the set off.

I’ve seen loads of bizarre stuff working at that shitty fuel station. I’ve been almost killed a few times. I’ve watched the similar man die time and again in entrance of me. I’ve seen issues which will or will not be actual, as a result of I can’t dream, and typically I’m wondering if my thoughts is making up for that in different methods. I’ve seen ball lightning, individuals with blue pores and skin, a person with two heads, a speaking canine, and an Elvis impersonator which will have been slightly too convincing. I’ve seen a lot bizarre stuff in that room. However this was the first time I ever noticed a glance of shock like that on anyone’s face. And it was completely priceless.

“What… what the hell is wrong with you people?!” Benjamin stated, backing away from us.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with us,” stated Marlboro, relieved to be free from the headlock. “What the hell is wrong with your gun?”

“How did you know I was out of ammo?”

“I didn’t.”

There was a loud thud as Carlos dropped the sack of corn. He was the subsequent to speak, “I think maybe you should get out of here, pal, while you still can.”

“Afraid I can’t do that,” Benjamin responded. “Not till this factor is lifeless. And never till I-“

I heard a moist thunk earlier than I noticed something. Earlier than Benjamin went limp and hit the floor. When my eyes caught as much as the state of affairs, I hoped that what I used to be seeing was a hallucination, however the look of worry on Carlos’s face informed me that this wasn’t the case. The person standing behind Benjamin, holding a bloodied shovel, the man that simply saved our bacon, was smiling a toothy delighted smile that he solely ever made after inflicting the type of ache he’d simply inflicted.

“Hey Jack,” stated Spencer Middleton. “You miss me?”

He caught Carlos and Marlboro in the walk-in freezer. Marlboro is and all the time has been a go-with-the-flow sort of man, so he went into the freezer voluntarily. Carlos put up a battle, which is why he ended up bruised and bloody and barely clinging to consciousness.

From what I might see, Benjamin seemed like he may be lifeless. At greatest, he was out chilly in a slowly spreading pool of his personal blood.

Spencer pulled a few chairs out of storage and positioned them each in entrance of the money register dealing with each other. He made me hobble over and sit down in a single. Then he spun the different round to take a seat on it backwards, like a cool schoolteacher from the 90’s.

“I just want you to know,” he stated, “I’m not mad at you. And neither is he. He wanted me to relay that message.”

Spencer’s face nonetheless had specks of blood on it from the place he had crushed the shit out of Carlos.

“Your boss?” I stated.

“Yeah. He was upset at you for what you did to Kieffer, and wanted me to show you what happens to bad children. You were supposed to meet him, but then that got all cocked up, huh?”

“I guess it just wasn’t my time to die.” I answered.

That’s when the smile pale from Spencer’s face. He shook his head at me and stated, “Die? No… no, no, no, you weren’t supposed to die. You can’t die! We need you.”

I noticed some motion behind Spencer however tried to not break eye contact. It was Benjamin. He was alive, and proper now my greatest shot at getting out of this. He was shifting slowly on the floor, regaining consciousness however miraculously not making any noise. I attempted to maintain Spencer distracted.

“Your boss. Tell me more about him. How did he find you? Who is he?”

Spencer chuckled, “Oh, he’s got a lot of names. But you’ll meet him soon enough. And this time, we will not be interrupted.”

“And my friends?”

“I don’t care. They can join us. They can die. It makes me no difference. By the way, Jack, I wanted to ask: did you guys ever figure out who placed that bomb?”

I laughed softly. “Yeah, the police took it. They know it was you. They know everything. Well, almost everything. Okay, in the grand scheme of things, they know very little, but they do know that you tried to kill me and you put a bomb in the gas station.”

Spencer shook his head once more.

“Wrong on both accounts. If I wanted you dead, you’d be dead. And a bomb? Seriously? Not my style.”

I feel he had extra to say to me, however I’ll by no means know, as a result of proper then Benjamin yanked Spencer’s head again and wiped a knife blade the measurement of a giant chihuahua throughout his neck, neatly slicing his head midway off.

Blood erupted out in a pair spurts, then stopped, and Spencer Middleton was no extra.

“That’s what you get,” taunted Benjamin as he flung Spencer’s lifeless physique onto the flooring, his blood pouring out and mixing with all the relaxation. It was going to suck for whoever needed to clear all of this up.

Once we opened the freezer, we discovered that Marlboro had gone all bad-nurse on Carlos, sticking clumps of frozen meat throughout his face. “For the swelling.”

I made us a recent pot of espresso and we took seats round the desk by the window. Simply in case a nosey passer-by determined to move by, we put a tarp over Spencer and moved the “wet floor” signal subsequent to it.

For about half an hour, all of us simply sat and drank espresso in a pregnant silence. Once we have been all achieved with our third cups, Carlos lastly spoke. His jaw was swollen to hell, however he was nonetheless capable of pronounce his phrases with solely minor problem.

“So why haven’t we called the cops yet? This was clearly self-defense. I’ve got the face to prove it.”

“Yeah,” stated Benjamin after some prolonged deliberation. “Yeah, let’s call them. That would be good. But tomorrow you and me need to have a serious talk, Jack.”

I referred to as Arnold from the solely telephone in the constructing with any reception – Spencer’s cell. The deputy listened to what I advised him (simply the most elementary and simplified model of what occurred that night time) and he stated he can be on his means proper after he obtained away from bed and put some garments on.

I referred to as the house owners subsequent, they usually weren’t very glad. They informed me that subsequent time I ought to name them first.

“Next time?”

Proper now, the others are at their sales space, staring out the window. And I’m sitting on my laptop computer documenting the night time whereas the reminiscences are nonetheless recent. I do know this isn’t over but. I feel the fuel station goes to have to shut for a day or two. However when it opens once more, I’ll be right here, writing my journals and doing my greatest to disregard anybody who walks by way of these doorways.

I assume meaning that is to be continued…


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CREDIT: Jack Townsend

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Tales from the Gas Station: Volume One

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