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A Psychic Built Me a Soulmate

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The flyer was caught in my mailbox. Pink paper with massive black letters.




That’s all I wanted to listen to. I’m 36. I’ve 14 ex-boyfriends, 5 ex-girlfriends, and zero present love pursuits. I’m sick of ramen dinners for one and the judgmental stare of my cat.

However once I acquired to the tackle, I used to be sorely dissatisfied.

It was a psychic. The massive, purple signal learn: FORTUNES & READINGS!!!. And the constructing was in disrepair. Chipped paint. Splintered siding. A few home windows coated with giant trash luggage.

Ah, what the hell. If something, it’ll give me a good giggle.

I parked on the road and made my method to the store.

As I opened the door, I shuddered. It appeared midway deserted — paint flaking off the partitions, a sofa bleeding stuffing. A giant portray with a crudely-drawn eye hung askew on the wall. Bookcases lined the again, full of “spell” books. And the odor — a horrible mixture of chemical compounds and decay, like somebody tried to wash the rotten beef odor out of their fridge with Windex.

“Hello?” I referred to as.


The hanging tassels on the again parted. Out got here a silver-haired lady, peeling latex gloves off her arms. Tattoos of eyes — matching the attention within the portray — coated her arms. “Yes?

“I’m Amy. I, uh, saw your flyer. For the soulmate?”

She appeared me up and down. “Sure. You look like you could use my help.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

She gestured over my determine. “You think you’re going to get boyfriends wearing stained overalls like that? And Crocs?” She waved her hand dismissively. Then she sat down on the crystal ball — which appeared suspiciously like a snow globe — and set her palms on it. “Sit.”

I did. The chair creaked dangerously beneath me.

“I’m Avelyn. And you and I, together, are going to find your soulmate. Did you bring the items I asked?”

“The items?”

“It says right on the flyer. I need mementos from two of your exes. To connect properly with them, and sense what you’re looking for in a soulmate.”

“No, I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

She heaved an exasperated sigh.

“What do you mean by mementos, exactly?”

“Something of theirs. An old shirt they never took back from you, a keychain, a lock of hair…”

I raised an eyebrow. “I don’t keep those kinds of things.” Nor does anyone. A lock of hair? Actually?

“I’m sure you’ll find something, hun. Come back and we can start.”

“Okay.” I began for the door, with no intention of coming again. However she referred to as out to me.

“Look in your bathroom. Your girlfriend left a hairtie there.”

And once I acquired house, and seemed in my toilet, positive sufficient — there was one among Julie Wysocki’s purple elastics. I hadn’t even observed it earlier than. A few of her darkish, lengthy hairs nonetheless caught to it. I smiled sadly.

I virtually miss you, Julie.

It didn’t take me lengthy to seek out an previous T-shirt Matt Goldstein left both, hanging behind my closet. It nonetheless smelled like his aftershave and BO. I recoiled in horror and dropped it in a plastic bag.

In an hour’s time, I used to be again at Avelyn’s run-down psychic store, handing over the gadgets.

“Very good, very good,” she stated, her nostril trailing the floor of the shirt. Ew. “What was his name?”

“Matt Goldstein.”

“And hers?” she requested, gesturing to the hairtie.

“Julie Wysocki.”

“Let me ask — to better understand you. What were your favorite things about Matt and Julie?” A sly smile crossed her lips. “Your favorite physical attributes?”

I pictured Julie and Matt in my head. It was onerous for me to confess that I appreciated something about them; each had dumped me, one over textual content. Even simply picturing them made me viscerally recoil. “I guess I liked Julie’s long, dark hair.”

Avelyn scrawled notes in a guide. “And Matt?”

“His lips.” He was a tremendous kisser.

“Excellent. I promise you — we will get you that soulmate you’re looking for.” She sniffed deeply into Matt’s shirt, then set the 2 gadgets inside. “I will do some work tonight, and contact you tomorrow morning. But first… we must discuss payment.”


“All magic comes with a price, hun,” she stated, her eyes twinkling within the darkness.

A chill ran down my backbone. “A price?”

“Yes. And the price for this magic,” she stated, her eyes glittering within the shadows, “is two-hundred-fifty dollars. Cash or credit?”

“Uh. Credit.”

As I drove away from the store, I immediately regretted my choice. Two-hundred-fifty dollars? For some psychic nonsense? I shook my head.

I actually am getting determined.

* * * * * *

I awoke the subsequent morning to a field on my porch.

It didn’t have a return tackle. Or my handle, both — it should have been dropped off in individual. Solely two phrases have been scribbled within the higher nook: From Avelyn. Open Instantly!

I picked up the field and carried it inside. It was mild, and one thing rattled softly inside as I introduced it over to the desk. Truthfully, on this age of anthrax and bombs, I in all probability shouldn’t have opened it. However the curiosity nagged at me, till I used to be standing over it, butterknife in hand. I slid it beneath the tape.

I pulled out the flaps and peered inside. Darkish hair glistened inside. A wig? I reached in and pulled it out.

My coronary heart stopped.

Beneath the hair was an ear.

It fell from my arms, onto the ground with a moist splat. “What the fuck?!” I screamed, scrambling again from the counter. No, it’s obtained to be pretend. It’s acquired to be.

I bent over and, gingerly, picked it again up.

The hair was hooked up to a skinny, delicate, tan-colored floor. However there was nothing on the opposite aspect — no blood, no stains. It’s pretend. See? It’s obtained to be pretend.

I slowly reapproached the field.

There was one thing else inside.

I reached in and pulled it out. It was tan-colored, squarish. One thing onerous was beneath it, pulling the fabric taut. And there — proper within the center — was a set of pink, plump lips.

Lips that appeared precisely like Matt’s.

I dropped it on the counter, my coronary heart racing.

There was yet one more merchandise within the field. A sheet of paper, folded neatly and tucked away. I plucked it out and commenced to learn.


1. Set the scalp (piece A) and jaw/cheeks (piece B) on a clear workspace. Line up the cheeks with the scalp edge.

2. Thread a stitching needle with the included thread.

three. Sew A and B collectively by hand. Do NOT use a stitching machine.

four. Retailer in a cool, dry place.

A notice was scrawled in messy script beneath:

Right here you go, hun. – Avelyn

P.S. Don’t name the police — otherwise you’ll be sorry.

I pulled out my telephone and referred to as the police. Sorry be damned. Riiiiiing. Riiiiiiiing. “911, what’s your emergency?”

“Someone sent me a box. A woman named Avelyn Mcallister, XX Main Street. It’s got… some awful stuff in it. Please, send someone over. XXX Maple Ave.” My voice cracked with panic.

“Okay, stay calm. What are the contents of the box?”

“Body parts. They look real. Like, real, actual body parts –”

“Okay. Here’s what I need you to do.”


“You need to take the parts to the counter. Okay?”

“Uh… that’s where they are now,” I stated, confused.

“Now, you need to pull the scalp over — so it’s lined up the jaw. Then you need to take the thread included in the box –”

The telephone clattered to the ground.

After a few seconds of shock, I re-dialed 911. The person on the opposite finish did the identical factor — launched into an evidence of easy methods to sew the items collectively. I dialed my native police station subsequent — once more, similar factor.

I grabbed my jacket and keys. Then I sped over to her little fortune-teller store.

I discovered her within the again — ft resting on the espresso desk, cigarette in hand. Plumes of smoke curled in the direction of the ceiling. “Avelyn. What did you do?” Tears burned my eyes. I shakily set the field down on the desk.

“I do a lot of things. Be more specific.”

“You killed Julie and Matt.”

“No. Of course not. I’m not a murderer, Amy.”

“Then where did you get… those? Because those lips look exactly like Matt’s. And the hair’s just like Julie’s.”

“Relax.” Avelyn took her ft off the espresso desk and took a lengthy drag. “I took those parts from people who were already dead. The local morgue. I have a deal with the mortician.”

Ignoring the disturbing penalties of that alone, I shot again, “Why do they look just like my exes, then?!”

“Because I stalked Facebook. I looked up Matt Goldstein, Julie Wysocki. Chose similar features. Simple as that.”

“Okay. Well, whatever you’re doing… I don’t want any part in it. This is absolutely disgusting and evil. You should be arrested.”

“Oh, going to try and call 911 again, are you?”

I paled. “How did you know about that?”

“Simple hex.” Avelyn waved her hand round on the bookcases with the bogus spellbooks. “Any police officer, first responder, or family member you talk to about this will give you the same answer. So don’t bother trying.” She leaned over and patted the seat subsequent to her. “Come, sit. I’ll show you how to sew them in person.”

“I said I don’t want any part of this!”

“Don’t you want to find true love? Because, let me tell you, you’re not going to find it the way you’re going. I can see into the future, too. It’s all breakups and lonely nights with your cat, hun.”

These phrases stung.

However I turned my heel, walked out the door, and drove away. Hoping she wouldn’t ship any hex upon me.

At the least, she didn’t comply with me out.

* * * * * *

The subsequent morning, I awakened considering I used to be rid of Avelyn and her antics.

How fallacious I used to be.

At about 2 PM, I went to the basement for a load of laundry. Juggling the large basket of soiled garments, I awkwardly descended the picket stairs.

What’s that odor?

It was an odd mixture of chemical compounds and stink. Just like the odor in Avelyn’s store. I’d by no means observed that odor in my basement earlier than. Sniff. Sniff. I smelled the pile of laundry, simply to make certain.

Then I rotated.


A shadow. Laid out on the previous ping-pong desk within the nook.

What the hell? I walked by way of the darkness. My coronary heart pounded in my chest, thudded in my ears. I don’t keep in mind leaving something there…

I stood over the ping-pong desk.

My blood ran chilly.

Staring again at me was a jigsaw puzzle of a individual. Uncooked, purple, stitched strains ran throughout its face and physique. I acknowledged the items — the darkish brown eyes, the dainty palms with the crescent thumb ring. The legs have been nonetheless lacking.

A piece of paper lay subsequent to it.

In the event you don’t do it — I’ll. -A

The nausea swelled in my throat.

I ran up the steps. Two at a time. I slammed the basement door shut, drew the chain over it. Then I collapsed towards the door. I midway anticipated to listen to footsteps. Or it pounding the door down, screaming threats at me. One thing — something — aside from the lifeless silence that adopted.

No. It’s not alive. It’s simply an amalgam of lifeless elements… taken from the morgue. Not from my exes. Settle down.

However I didn’t settle down.

* * * * * *

The subsequent morning, one other package deal arrived.

This one was lengthy, stretching throughout my complete porch. No addresses. Cardboard that was barely moist on the backside. Once I bent over to select it up, a sickly stench rushed over me.

With a grunt, I dragged it into the home. Coronary heart pounding, I slit the tape and pulled it open.

I retched.

Two legs. Sliced cleanly on the higher thigh. Directions have been tucked in on the aspect, as normal. And handwriting scribbled on prime:

In the event you don’t do it, I’ll.

I’m ashamed to say that I did it. I vomited 3 times earlier than I completed, however I did it. They have been already lifeless, I stored telling myself. Already lifeless…

I washed my palms, made some espresso, and sat down at my pc.

They have been already lifeless. They have been already lifeless. Tingling numbness unfold over my physique like electrical energy. Then a totally different thought pounded in my head, with each heartbeat:

What if she lied?

I’d blocked all my exes on social media. It’s a coverage of mine — one of many worst emotions on the planet is seeing your ex with their new associate. And, consider me, they all the time obtained a new one earlier than I did.

So, with a shaking hand, I opened up Google. Typed in Julie Wysocki.

The third outcome made my coronary heart cease.

Springfield resident, Julie Wysocki, severely injured in freak accident

My eyes scanned the article.

On Sunday afternoon, Wysocki determined to go biking round her neighborhood. She couldn’t discover her personal helmet, so she determined to make use of her daughter’s, which was too tight. … As a automotive came across her, she collided with it. Within the warmth and drive of the collision, the tight helmet caught quick to her scalp and ripped it off.

By the point paramedics have been on the scene, the helmet — and the scalp — have been nowhere to be discovered.

I pushed the pc away from me, nausea rising in my throat. Black dots swam in my imaginative and prescient. Fuck, Julie… you didn’t deserve that. I don’t care should you dumped me — that’s terrible.


The sound got here muffled by means of the entrance door.

Avelyn. Dropping off her package deal of the morning, I guess. I bolted up and ran to the door. Anger supplanted the fear, the dread, the unhappiness.

I swung the door open.

Avelyn was gone. However there was a field — a small one. I bent over and picked it up. Directions have been taped to the highest of the field.

That is the final piece. The guts.

If you wish to discover your soulmate, set up the guts, after which recite the incantation on the opposite aspect of this web page. If you wish to be carried out with me and all of this, don’t. Bury the physique whenever you’ve positioned the guts inside.

It’s as much as you.

Both means, you’re freed from me now.

– A

I took the field right down to the basement. The determine lay nonetheless and stiff throughout the ping-pong desk, eyes shut tight. I plunged a kitchen knife into the chest, slowly pulled it right down to create a slit.

I reached into the field. Moist. Squishy. The nausea rose; I swallowed the urge to vomit. Shutting my eyes, I slipped it into the slit.

Now bury the physique.

My life flashed earlier than my eyes — my future life. Residence alone. The cat. The ramen. Getting old alone… dying alone. Nobody caring about me. Ever.

My arms, stained with blood, grabbed its shoulders and began to shift the physique. As I did, I seemed down at it. It was lovely, in a means; Julie’s lengthy hair, Matt’s plump lips, Madison’s dainty palms with the crescent rings and Jack’s robust legs.

Might be mine.

My soulmate. Eternally.

My eyes flicked over to the incantation sheet.

I started to learn.

“Ignite this one with the spark of life. Make them my own, forever, to –”

Thump, thump, thump.

Footsteps overhead.

Somebody was in the home.

I froze. “Avelyn?” I referred to as. I left the physique and ascended the steps, slowly, my coronary heart pounding in my chest. “Avelyn! Is that you?”

I swung the basement door open, clicked it shut. I walked throughout the lobby, into the kitchen. “Avelyn, is that –”

4 males in darkish fits confronted me, expressions grim, weapons drawn.

“Freeze! Police!”

* * * * * *

“We can’t detain her. We didn’t find anything.”

“What do you mean, you didn’t find anything?! How stupid are you?”

The voices got here by way of the partitions of the interrogation room, loud and clear.

“We searched everywhere.”

“Everywhere? Even the basement, the closets?”

“Yes, sir. I think we looked everywhere.”

The door burst open.

“Amy Greene? You’re free to go.”

I stood up, shakily, and walked out of the police station. My thoughts was abuzz, as if I have been drunk or intoxicated. Too many ideas competing for my consideration. An excessive amount of shock.

“We can give you a ride home,” one of many officers stated.

“No, thanks. I’ll walk.”

It was a two mile stroll — however my head nonetheless wasn’t clear by the top of it. I can’t consider I did all of that. I can’t consider… how terrible desperation made me develop into.

Guilt flooded me, burning like hearth in my veins. It was as if I’d spent the previous few days in some kind of obsessive trance, and chilly actuality was lastly crashing down on me.

I’m a assassin.

Worse than a assassin. I ruined their lives, endlessly.

I considered my poor mom. What would she assume if she knew what I did? My poor, previous mom, who all the time believed in me…

I ended in entrance of my home.

The sunshine in my bed room was on.

Did I depart the sunshine on?

My coronary heart sank with every step, because the guilt turned to imaginary shackles locked to my ankles. I match the important thing within the lock, turned the doorknob.

My footsteps clicked throughout the linoleum.

An overwhelming odor of chemical compounds and decay. A rustling sound. One thing shifting, within the shadows of the kitchen.

After which a smooth voice, from the darkness:

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Credit score: The Lifeless Canary (Chilling Tales for Darkish Nights • YouTube • Reddit)
Should you want to narrate the story please contact Chilling Tales for Darkish Nights for permission by clicking right here.

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